Bio Sludge Seperator

Britt Envirotech, a Coimbatore based company has pride in introducing Imported and very effective reagents, BSS , which when used in tandem will clarify sewage and industrial effluents and destroy bacteria to the extent that the water gets converted into drinking grade.

BSS is an ideal reagent for removing colour and mal-odour from sewage, dying unit effluents and industrial effluents. It also acts as an effective flocculating agent, which causes the sludge to sediment, leaving the upper water crystal clear and bacteria free. The sludge would constitute an effective fertilizer.

The process of incorporating BSS in the sewage treatment process is extremely simple. BSS has to be added to the sewage after the screening process is completed to separate solid wastes such as metals, wood, glass, plastic, etc, by making use of a simple dosing pump. 40 milliliters of BSS is required for 1000 litres of untreated sewage. Immediately on addition of BSS the sludge in the water begins to separate and precipitate. The mal-odour is also substantially arrested. The sludge that is produced can be transported away for use as fertilizer.